Prisoner Rights
  • Human Rights Judicial

    Review The European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 provide for a prisoner to do it, in the UK courts, to claim compensation for any breach of individual rights. All those serving a lifetime sentence have the right to an oral hearing after the original tariff period has expired.

    An attorney represent you in the hearing and ensure that the writers of some reports that are on document are properly cross examined.

  • Licence Conditions and Remember

    In addition any prisoner who is assaulted whilst serving their sentence either by a member of the prison staff or by another prisoner is entitled to representation to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

    Any decision by the Parole Board ought to be contested through an experienced solicitor immediately.

  • Review and Parole Refusal

    A attorney can review your categorisation and assist you to be re-classified where appropriate.

    This is of specific importance to Category ‘A’ prisoners who have the least pleasant prison regime. Prisoner’s rights are considerably strengthened by this legal procedure whereby almost all decisions which affect a captive can be challenged in the High Court using Judicial Review.

  • A attorney can help by reviewing the Parole Dossier along with a prison law attorney can create personal representations on your behalf to the Parole Board. It may be possible to challenge the Parole Boards choice by Judicial Review. Please have a look to our other colleagues site On this website you can safelly obtain for Australia Visa Online. Please note that our Partners are not owners of this sites.

    Human Rights Judicial

    The Human Rights Act 1998 which came into effect in the UK over both October 2000 has further extended offenders rights. In most matter relating to prisoner rights it's highly advisable to be legally represented by a professional prison law solicitor. In 1979 a group of inmates who were in Hull prison in the uk in the time of this prison riots taught a prison legislation solicitor to take legal actions against the government for devoting the alleged ringleaders to harsh disciplinary actions by removal of remission without any legal representation. A lawyer can advise and assist on temporary release applications which may take one of three forms being compassionate license, facility licence and re-settlement licence. Visa for Sri Lanka All inmates have the right to apply for a re-settlement licence nevertheless it can be especially helpful to individuals who are serving more than 12 months but less than 4 years because they may make an application to get a re-settlement licence after one-third of the sentence has been served that may be 4 weeks prior to the automatic conditional release date. Source: apply for taiwan visa
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    Prisoner Rights in United Kingdom Jails